This Is How Your Anxiety Could Be Ruining Your Life


Anxiety can steal the sleep from your eyes and leave you wide awake for hours, despite all your attempts to sleep. Stress doesn’t just affect you mentally, it affects you physically as well. You can feel how your fist is constantly clenched or how the back of your shoulders are so tensed. You can feel it in your jaw and you can feel your stress throughout your whole body. You can feel it in your chest and how it’s tightening and making you feel as if you’re suffocating. Anxiety can affect you in so many ways.

Your anxiety can make you miss important gatherings with friends or family. It can make you miss essential meetings and presentations during your career life. It can make you shy away from necessary confrontations in your life because it makes you feel like you won’t be able to handle them. It can make you miss a trip of a lifetime. It can make you not apply for your dream job or open your own business because you’re too anxious to do so.

Your anxiety can make you put off things you need to do because you are wasting your time stressing and freaking out about the things you have to do rather than actually doing them. It can make you miss the love of your life because you’re too anxious to approach them or even give them a chance to approach you.

Anxiety can keep you in your home for days because it makes you feel like you’re not ready to face the world yet. It messes with your head big time — you find yourself constantly full of negative thoughts and self-doubt. Anxiety can make you stay quiet when you want to speak up. It can trick you into believing that you’re unloved, despite all the people around you that truly love you. It can make you miss an opportunity of a lifetime because you’re just too scared to go after it because it might trigger your anxiety. Anxiety can be ruining your life and you might not be even aware of the fact that it’s doing so. It can be controlling you and controlling your whole life. It can be your worst enemy. It can be the thing that is holding you back from so many amazing things that could happen to you.

You should acknowledge the impact that anxiety might have on your life. Once you realize that and determine its actual size in your life, it’s time to find a way to tackle it and treat it. It’s time to stop thinking that it’s not a big deal or that it’s not there, because it is there. And it’s ruining your life. It’s about time that you do something about it. I know that it’s terrifying to go through something like that and to take a serious step towards fighting it, but living a life while your anxiety is at least elevated or controllable is definitely worth it.