This Is How You’re Making Life Way More Complicated Than It Has To Be


All we’re waiting for is something to arrive that would explain the unexplainable things or would give us the peace we need to just let it be, something that would help us unclench our fists from contained anger of so many years, so much bad luck, so many betrayals, so many ghosts to put to rest.

No, don’t tell me I care ‘too much” when you’re the one who doesn’t care enough about things that are important to anyone else but never to you.

No, don’t disagree with people just because you like to see them go crazy over trivial things. Don’t break walls of people if you can’t stand them being vulnerable in front of you.

No, don’t be afraid to smile just because there is a risk you might cry later in the night. Don’t run from the time you were unloved so badly, it’s everywhere you go, it’s all around you, engulfing you.

No, don’t reject yourself when you’re busy rejecting someone else. Don’t wait to need a validation to feel emotions. Express what you feel when you feel them. Emotional death will kill you faster than the physical one.

Don’t hurry in your already short life, everything important is right where it should be, in your mind, inside your ribcage, your photo albums. Don’t be afraid of burning bridges just because you don’t trust yourself when you’re alone.

Nobody can damage you as much as yourself. Don’t do that.

Don’t fall intentionally to see who would bend to pick you up, you won’t see anyone’s hand except your parents’ if you’re lucky. Don’t be afraid of breathing just because you’re curious about death. You can die even if you’re breathing. Remember that. Dying is easy, the easiest thing in the world, but living, on the other hand, is a whole other big deal, and a life spent doing what you like, living with your head held high even after the recurring bad luck, is an even bigger deal.

Don’t be afraid of regret, it only weakens you as long as you let it matter.

No, don’t look at yourself when you’re crying, don’t look at me when I’m crying, I don’t want to see the absence of sympathy in your eyes for me, for yourself. It gets tiring when you’re waiting for someone else to feel the emotion you’re getting choked by every second of every day.

Don’t try to understand everything, sometimes things happen just because they wanted to happen. Don’t be scared of meaningless things, they make the meaningful things more important.