This Is Me Choosing Myself


This is me choosing to take care of myself every single day of my life.

I’m accepting that life is wildly unpredictable and I cannot control the swing of fate any more than I can wield it. It can be vividly unfair knowing that I have put my utmost best and have it blow it in my face. It can be heart-rending to be dealt with an inconsolable loss and having to cope with the aftermath.

I’m accepting that life often don’t go the way we want. We can plan to our best ability, hope ardently with all our heart, yet more often than not, things fall apart and we are crushed in the process. The truth is that hearts will break and failures are common before any real breakthrough. Behind the glitter and glamour of what success looks like, the background is strenuous and exhausting and the work to get there is never finished.

But despite all that happens, I promise to put myself first. I will wake up in the morning and try to think of all the blessings bestow on me. I will focus on the positivity and pray that somehow it pushes some of the darkness away. I will celebrate over small progress made and comfort myself of how far I’ve come. I will look for the silver lining in every obstacle acknowledging that everything happens for a reason. I will trust that the universe has my back and it is completely up to me to create the life that I want.

I will be there for myself in all the ways I can by believing in my own resilience and strength. I will appreciate myself and see that I’m worthy of love, happiness, and success. I will build myself up and become my ideal self so that I can manifest my dream life. I will fall in love with the reflection in my mirror cherishing every part of me.

This is me choosing to live in the present by letting go of the past. I won’t dwell on the unhappiness of yesterday and how it has potentially ruined my life. I won’t let the hard lessons harden my perspective and to make me more guarded. I won’t allow the past to affect my ability to give and receive love openly.

I will release my old burden into the night sky as I step light-heatedly into the future believing that it is mine to create. I will yank away from the chain of limiting mindset and be grateful for the abundance I have. I will walk out from the shadow of the past not letting it sink its deathly grip on me. I will forgive myself for the regretful things I’ve done and focused on healing and redemption.

This is me growing and blossoming to the strong individual I am proud to be today.

I’m strong because I keep trying despite the odds against me. I’m strong because I believe that I can rise against the challenges ahead. I’m strong because I choose to do the best things for myself even if it meant making the hard choices.

I’m strong because I never give up and I never will.