This Is Me Putting My Total Faith In God


This is me finally understanding that I shouldn’t carry all this weight on my shoulders. This is me understanding that I shouldn’t try to control everything around me, that I can do my best sometimes and then just stop worrying about what happens next. This is me understanding that the idea of the future shouldn’t give me that much anxiety.

So, this is me learning that I can put my faith in God more. That I can stop playing out future scenarios in my head and panicking over what I would do if one of them happens. This is me taking a leap of faith and trusting that God will take care of me. This is me understanding that things are not always under my control for a reason and that God has the ultimate control over everything.

This is me trusting that when my plans don’t work out, it’s because God has better ones for me. This is me learning to lean on God every now and then instead of constantly choosing to stand all by myself without trying to reach out for help. This is me understanding that the doors that keep shutting in my face are not to bring me down, it’s just God’s way of redirecting me towards the right ones to knock on.

This is me starting to learn that I can have a more peaceful state of mind and a better life by having more faith in God. This is me slowly learning to trust more in the road that God has paved for me. This is me understanding that I shouldn’t worry about things that much. And that I should never feel alone or helpless, because god will always be there to guide me and help me. God will always be there for me and will take good care of me.