This Is Me Surrendering To The Life I Am Meant To Live


This is me surrendering to the life I am meant to live. This isn’t me giving up my power, this is me proclaiming my power. 

I surrender to the fact that I don’t know everything, that I’ll never know everything- that I am not supposed to know everything. I surrender to the notion that everything isn’t going to happen and work out exactly how it already has in my head, there are bigger things in store — things so big I haven’t even had the capacity to fathom them yet. Life will not unfold in the order that I want it to, it will unfold in the order that I need it to.

I surrender to the idea that not everything is as it seems; I am merely in the midst of my own work in progress. There are opportunities I have yet to befriend, tasks that are nowhere near completion, and seeds of my own growth that haven’t even started to sprout yet.

I surrender to her. To the girl who is still learning her voice, to the one who doesn’t fully know what she wants, the girl that spends every morning mending the parts of her that need to be strong for the days ahead.

I surrender to every ounce of grief I have ever harbored, everything minuscule or monumental that I’ve ever lost. The things that have been taken from me are synonymous with the things that have been given to me, those two are always a balancing act of being one in the same — and quite frankly, I don’t have complete control over either.

I surrender to the bigger picture, to my plan that is paved exactly for my footsteps despite how far ahead I can see. I surrender to my joy and to the cold-hearted truth that we all need to slow down and prioritize our peace over what we deem as our progress.

I surrender to the life I meant to live, to the people I am meant to love, to the places I am meant to go, and to the person I am meant to become.