This Is My Goodbye To All The Guys Who Dated Me With Deadlines


I now know I deserve love.


I have started relationships filled with love and got out filled with wounds. I cracked, cried, my scars healed and I just made the same mistake again. This time after the tears, the regret and the haunting of all my memories, my heart has healed. Not just healed but now I believe I deserve love and not half´s.

If you want me you have to fight for it.

So this is my goodbye for all the guys that dated me with deadlines.

I didn’t deserve to feel that love has an expiration date. I believed that love was a part time job, something I might lose any day. So I would fight for both of us because I knew our deadline was your choice. I don´t need to share my brain if all you give me is superficial information about you. I don´t want to feel that if I open my dark side you will give up, when I hold you with all my strength. I let us live for what others thought but our photos weren´t the truth. I let our love be easy as well as practical instead of complex and deep. Thank you to all my mistakes because now I know I deserve a fight.


I will only commit to full time love.


I will only invest in real love. The next person will need to give me a moment. The moment someone swallows me with their eyes into a universe created by his eyes. I fall into a wave of commitment, drowning into affection. My body becomes heavy from the weight of his love, although falling I know he will hold me with his eyes. I want his eyes to tell me that I am where his love lives.