This Is The Beauty In Sharing Your Soul


When you are first getting to know someone, you show them little pieces of your soul. You might not even tell them, “Be delicate, for this fabric is gently woven for your soul to try on.”

Yet, sometimes they will wear your soul so perfectly that you will witness yourself in them. You will recognize how effortlessly your souls fit. Draped over theirs, you will see your essence taking on a new shape.

Love is trying on each other’s souls over and over again until it no longer feels like a game of dress-up. The fabric of your beings become bound together and you will emerge from it like a silken cocoon. You are transformed by the way your energies touch.

If you can show up, raw and unfiltered, with another human you will experience them as well. You will experience the chemical reaction between their soul and your own. In love, the part of you that you share becomes externalized. You witness your own soul as a moving, breathing, and living entity.

Even if your soul is rejected by the other, none was lost and all was gained. Sharing your soul is not only an offering and an invitation of love. Sharing your soul is also an act of self-love.

When you give the broken and discarded parts to another, new love is breathed into them. Even if you are the one doing the breathing. When you witness those parts pulled from your core, they are reborn. We cradle those scars and memories like a newborn child. A new love for self is cultivated.

Each time you share your soul, your love, and connection to it grows. Shades become illuminated, colors deepen and experiences are enriched. When you fall in love, you do not fall in love with another. You fall in love with the way your soul dances against the fabric of the other. There is nothing to be lost in sharing your soul with the world. There is only love to be gained.