Everyone Is Losing Their Shit Over This Beyonce-Inspired ‘Prom Entrance’ Video


Apparently the cool kids these days can’t just go to prom, they have to ROCK the prom.

If you want a model to follow, just look at Azja Frazier.

Azja’s departure for prom features two backup dancers, a fog machine, and a WHOLE lot of Beyonce. See for yourself:

Everything starts pretty normal, with Azja’s prom date waiting for her to be ready.

But then, BOOM! Here comes a backup dancer, and he’s “here to slay!”

I think he did a pretty good job of that.

And in case his entrance wasn’t dramatic enough, he is followed by a fog machine! And another backup dancer!

Wow this is kinda extra.

And then, ONLY THEN, does Azja herself come onto the scene!


Also, this kid is totally over all dis shit.

Reactions on the internet have ranged from admiration, to hilarity, to disgust.


What do you think??