This Is The Generation Of Feeling Lost


This is the generation where souls go sad so young. The generation where every line of poetry is a missing scream waiting to be rescued.

This is the generation that smokes away the anxiety. The generation that drinks til everything left in vision blurs into the night. We kiss. But we are not in love, we press our tongues and let ourselves be touched because there is nothing we can change about the reality that is… we are a bunch of messed up souls.

And this reality becomes our prison. We pretend to wander when all we really are are lost futures..waiting for something worth more than just plain high happy. We wear the world’s criticisms in tattoos, we carry the demons that tell us we can’t make it, and our smile- it is but a bitter memory of when everything seemed innocent and naive.

We grow up so fast because there is nothing that will hand us the answers to every conflict.

Family. Love. Ambition. Passion. In this youth, all these turn to ‘give me shelter because I am a stranger at home’, ‘teach me love because all I’ve ever seen and felt is anger’, ‘I’ll spend my years in med school but I will die every single day that I don’t hold a paintbrush’.

We are a generation of blindness. We find it hard to see a better outcome, to admit that we have created mistakes and now these mistakes tuck us into bed at night. And maybe that’s why we smoke, and drink, and do drugs…maybe this reality, for us, is something we can’t change- that we are forever stuck in this chaos. And that’s why we’d rather alter our perspective, just so we can say we’re fine.

I don’t know what makes us sad so young. But I’d like for this to change. I’d like to start with this. I’d like to tell all those sad souls to believe.

Believe in a future where you don’t have to wait for someone to love you, and care for you. Believe in a future where reality is but a mind game- that you are not a victim; that YOU are a warrior. Fight against the odds of depression, and cynicism; and live.

Live for the shot of being someone you always wanted to be.

Live for all the travels– it doesn’t have to be somewhere far. You just need to get from point A to point B, with a couple of good friends- the best friends you’ll share these moments with.

Live for beautiful things– from the perfectly placed toppings on a pizza, to nature’s greatest wonders. From the glow in someone else’s eyes, to the first cry of a new born baby.

If it makes sense, live..for a chance.