This Is The Kind Of Boy That Will Break You


He’s the kind of boy that is nice to you fifty percent of the time. He sends good morning texts and calls you beautiful and buys you enough flowers to make your relationship look perfect over Instagram. And half of the time, your relationship is perfect. He’s the guy you were searching for your entire life. He’s your rock. Your gem.

But the other half of the time, he’s someone you don’t recognize. Maybe it’s when he’s drunk. Maybe it’s when he’s jealous. Maybe it’s when he’s stressed and needs someone to take his struggles out on. Whatever the reason, he gets mean. He morphs into someone you swear he’s not.

He’s the kind of boy that will make you feel bad for him even when he was the one in the wrong. You’ll never stay angry, because he had a good reason for lashing out at you. For threatening to break up with you. For calling you a whore. For leaving bruises across your cheeks.

He’s the kind of boy that will make you feel like you’re the one reaching and he’s the one settling. He’ll make little comments about your beauty that sting, but you’ll tell yourself that he didn’t mean it. And then you’ll look in the mirror and hate what you see.

He’s the kind of boy that will justify toxic behavior by hiding behind his love. He told you not to go to that party, not to wear that dress, not to talk to that friend — because he cares. Because he wants you all to himself. He’ll make it sound sweet so you can’t complain. So you can’t see how dangerous he really is.

He’s the kind of boy that will pull you away from your friends, from your family, from your work, until he’s the only piece of your life left. He’ll purposely isolate you, so that you never have the idea to leave him. So you’ll feel like he matters the most and you couldn’t survive without his help.

He’s the kind of boy that will guilt you into having sex with him, even when it’s the last thing you want to do. You’ll feel like you need to keep the romance alive to keep him in your life. You’re worried he’ll cheat, or leave, if you turn him down too many times. So you let him have your body. You let him have the power.

He’s the kind of boy that will beg for your forgiveness. He’ll promise you that he’ll change, swear that he’s in love with you and never meant to hurt you. He might even threaten to kill himself, because he can’t live without your love. But, a few weeks after you forgive him, he will make the same mistakes all over again. He’ll do everything he promised he wouldn’t.

He’s the kind of boy that doesn’t feel any guilt. He only apologizes after getting caught, because he wants to manipulate his way back into your heart. He wants to stay in your life, because he knows how to control you, and control is all he cares about.

He’s the kind of boy that will never be considered a man, because men don’t treat their women like toys.