This Is The Kind Of Girl She Is


She’s the girl looking to find herself. Trying to figure out who she is and where she’s supposed to go. She often is wide awake at night wondering what she can do to get through this crazy world wind that is called her life.

When things are going terribly wrong the first thing that pops up in her mind is you. She’s the girl that thinks about you all the time and wonders what things could and would of been like if she would have just given you a chance, but she didn’t because she was to afraid of being the one who gets hurt and because she simply just didn’t know who she was or what she wanted. It would of seemed unfair to the both of you guys if she would have strung you along without really knowing what she wanted and who she actually was first.

She’s the girl that will fall in love with a place she has never been too. She can just take a look at a picture and see herself in that place at that time. She’s the girl who wants to travel alone and also with others, whether it is across the country or just an hour away from home.

She’s the girl that you will find at family video renting old movies from the 80’s and 90’s, and she will probably even try talking you into watching them. She’ll explain all the actors and actresses and make sure you know who they are for future movies that you might see them in.

She’s the girl that will stay up late at night tossing and turning because her anxiety is getting to her for the 5th time this week and it’s keeping her up. She’ll probably go downstairs and make a cup of tea to try to calm her down, but she’ll still end up not sleeping. She’ll lay in bed reading hoping that will make her tired and then 6am will roll around and it will be time for her to get ready for work. She’s the girl that will try to tuff it out at work and seem happy but really she’s exhausted from not sleeping all night.

She’s the girl that will put you first before herself. She’ll give you a ride to work if you done have a car and won’t ask for anything in return, she’ll even drive like Vin Diesel just to get you there in time when you only have three minutes to spare. She’s the girl that will text you to make sure you got home safe because she worries about you.

She’s the girl that won’t always believe you when you tell her she’s beautiful because she doesn’t always think so. She won’t always know what to say or what to do so you’ll think she is not interested but that’s not true. She likes having date nights but would prefer to just hang at home with you that to her is more fun. She’s the girl who sometimes feels awkward in certain situations especially if it involves a huge group of people she does not know.

She’s the girl that you will always want by your side even with her flaws that she thinks she has……