This Is The Kind Of Life That You Deserve


Stop focusing all of your energy on finding love. Yes, you deserve someone who texts you back and answers your calls and keeps their promises. Yes, you deserve someone who tells you the truth and treats you as an equal and never does anything to intentionally hurt you.

But that isn’t the only thing that you deserve. You deserve more than unconditional love, more than a romantic relationship.

You deserve to find happiness. You deserve to wake up in the morning and hop out of bed without even thinking about smashing snooze because you are excited to start your day. Because you have great things ahead of you. Because you have milestone moments you are looking forward to experiencing.

You deserve to find peace. To accept the mistakes you’ve made in the past because nothing can change them. To let go of the grudges you’ve held against others for far too long because they are only bringing you pain. To accept the way that things turned out because then you can focus on the future. You deserve to accept who you are because you’re actually pretty damn great.

You deserve to reach success. You deserve to brag about your accomplishments. You deserve to say that you’re proud of yourself, because there was a time when you weren’t sure that you would ever reach your destination, but you somehow made it happen. You worked your ass off and it led you toward your dreams.

You deserve to feel alive. You deserve to feel adrenaline course through your veins and feel your heart pumping extra fast. You deserve to find that one thing that makes you feel like you matter, like you are worth something, like there is a reason you were placed on this earth.

You deserve to be loved — and not just by someone who kisses your lips goodnight. You deserve to be loved by friends who would drop everything in a heartbeat to help you out of an ordeal. By family members who make a point to treat you with respect instead of acting like you’re still a child. You deserve to be loved by the people surrounding you.

Most importantly, you deserve to be loved by yourself. You deserve to look into the mirror and actually like what you see. You deserve to look at old photographs of yourself and think about how much fun you had that night instead of worrying about how ugly your smile looked. You deserve to become friends with your own reflection.

You deserve to find your forever person — but there is more to life than romantic relationships. Don’t think that your journey has stopped, just because you’ve found the person you are meant to marry. You deserve more than a relationship. You deserve so much more than you could ever imagine.

You deserve a life that you are proud of living. A life that makes you feel fulfilled. A life that makes you realize how much you mean to this world.