This Is The Kind Of Love I Will Wait For


I will give him a hard time, there’s no doubt about that. I’m rough around the edges, but underneath all that armor is someone waiting to be understood. He won’t cut the strings so easily even though there will be moments in which it would be deemed appropriate. Yet he will stay. He will stick around because he very well understands that people sometimes say what they don’t mean.

He will be patient because he comprehends that maintaining a relationship is hard work. He won’t be afraid about my inexperience with relationships because he knows first-hand how difficult it is to find someone who genuinely likes us. He believes that there is a reason as to why he went down that winding road and he has absolutely no shame for it. The journey would lead him there, to love.

The man I will love next will come with his own set of baggage simply because nobody’s perfect. I will be there to help him with his baggage as he will be with me. My imperfect past will be the reason he hugs me tighter every night. He has never sought after a perfect miss, and why would he?

He very well knows that love is about finding an imperfect person who appreciates our flaws.

He won’t force me to marriage over my career and instead he will encourage me to aim high and do it all. He will be the one who genuinely believes in me and there will be days when I won’t understand why – but he’s proud of me anyway. I will be able to see it in his eyes and how they shine for me. He will offer his support with whatever I decide to do in life because that’s what people who are in love do. He will ultimately be the reason that I will become a lady boss, caring mother, and fierce lover.

I don’t need him to be my knight in shining armor. I only need him to be his honest self since the last thing I need is to meet a man with a façade. I’ve walked down that road far too many times and doing so has only left me beaten and disappointed.

I don’t need arrogance, I need honesty. I don’t need him to be fake, I need him to be sincere. I don’t need to date an act, I need to be with someone who is real. Just as he will grow to love and accept me wholeheartedly, I too will do the same.

He will not be intimidated by me or my intelligence when in fact, he will be fascinated by it. He has long passed the days when beauty was the single-most important factor. He has come to learn that good looks doesn’t necessarily translate into a caring, thoughtful individual. After all these years, he’s learned that a beautiful face and lean body are characteristics that won’t necessarily keep him cozy when he’s ill.

I don’t know where he is in the world right now, but I know that he’s out there somewhere.

Maybe he’s thinking about finding his other half and it could be that he’s given serious relationships much thought. I know there’s a person for each one of us and I will wait for the day when I find out who that person is for me.