This is The Kind Of Partner I Promise To Be


I will steal your clothes all the time. You may notice that the neck of your shirt seems… stretched? Yes, I’m sorry. That’s because I had a towel on my head when I put it on.

I will drive you insane with my contradictory “I need you” and, “I can do it by myself”, in which I will not apologize for. I’m independent and like doing things on my own, it’s something I’ve grown accustom to over the years. But, sometimes I will need you, just go with it.

I’ll always be that crazy lady who feeds stray animals and/or puts a blanket outside for them to sleep on. Sometimes, I may even sneak and leave the garage door cracked for them.

From time to time, I may push you… a lot. It could be related to your career, your hobbies, or spending time with your family, who knows. Nonetheless, know that my actions are driven by nothing but love.

I will always speak my mind, which can probably be infuriating at times. Yet, this is who I am.

I’m constantly rearranging things, moving furniture around, painting the walls new colors. You can’t expect to come home each day and find things to be the same as they were when you left.

If I drive your car, there is a chance I’ll forget to move the seat back where it was when I started. I apologize ahead of time for your knees being jammed when you try to get in.

You’ll be endlessly frustrated each time you get into your vehicle and see my tiny little toe prints on the windshield.

My daily 20 second hugs may be a bit irritating, but they mean more than you think. I promise.


I will acknowledge and respect you and your opinions.

My consistent gratitude will never leave you wondering if you’re appreciated.

I will trust you and give you the benefit of the doubt in every situation.

I’ll pack your lunch. Sometimes I will write sweet little notes of encouragement and slip them in the pocket of your work jacket.

Space and alone time: you’ll always have it. I’ll urge you to have your own life and interests other than me.

We will have fun and I will make you laugh.

I will apologize when I’m wrong, and accept that I am not always right.

I will provide positivity, support, and inspiration in any challenge you face.

I promise to perform a daily self-nagging check and do my best to prevent it.

Open communication will always be a top priority. I will always listen.

I’ll do my finest to cook your favorite meals and be the most nurturing person you know.

I will show interest in your interests.

I will spend time with you and make decisions with you.

I won’t rehash the past.

I’ll show interest in your job and/or career.

I’ll brag about your accomplishments and talk about you a lot.

I’ll be unpredictable and keep things exciting.

I’ll do my best to keep the perfect balance between independence and dependency and always make you feel wanted.

I’ll travel with you.

Honesty and loyalty are my top priorities. I will always have your back and be your number one fan.