This Is The Magic Of Traveling


Have you ever had that feeling of not knowing where you are or where you stand? That feeling not of loneliness but of wanting to go everywhere all at once. That feeling of wanting to touch other people’s soul and wanting to learn about other people’s intriguing lives.

When we were children we dreamt of magical places, places made of candy or clouds. Places that as adults we know they do not exist and they will probably never will, but as children, as creative, crazy children we believed in them and we made them come true even if they only existed in our imagination.

How wonderful would it be if we could still believe in that. If we could still believe that there is a place made of cotton candy and chocolate bars. Don’t you think it would be perfect? But our supposedly grown up minds do not let us believe in that. So let me tell you something. If we do not believe in that anymore and if we can’t imagine cotton candy castles anymore why don’t we look for them in real life.

Travelling is one of the most wonderful things in this world. Being able to go places you’ve only imagined and places you’ve only seen in movies is one of the most mesmerizing things that could happen to someone. Being able to surround yourself with new people that teaches you the value of life and that shows you that there are bigger things than you and your problems is such a valuable thing to experience.

Being able to meet people that open your eyes to new beginnings, new cultures and new ways of living.
Being able to walk through narrow paths, rocky mountains, rocky roads and even sand, that is what traveling lets you do. It lets you breathe in new air, it lets you taste new flavors and feel differently. Traveling and experiencing new ways of living will make you rethink your life and how you are acting upon it, whichever way it is.

The experiences you might have while traveling whether it is in your own country or one in a different continent are endless. The memories you will make and the people you will meet will change your life and even though sometimes there will be disappointments and things will not always go as planned, those are the experiences that will teach you the most.

They will test you, test your patience probably, but these memories – that at the time you might call them bad – will be the best memories later.
Those are the ones that will make you into a true traveler and will teach you the true traveling experience.

So go on and don’t be afraid, the world is a magical place waiting to be discover.