This Is The One That Could’ve Been


There are these times in life we meet a person. This one person who seems to have everything right about him. It’s the way he talks or how he laughs or how he loves to draw and sing songs. It’s the shy smile he gives you when he finds you looking at him. He is perfect in his imperfections and a man you wouldn’t ever want to give up on.

And you find yourself in awe of him. I’d say love but he wouldn’t agree, he never did. There’s always the one person that started and ended at a may-be. May-be we could’ve been, maybe you could’ve loved me more than her, maybe we would’ve been happier. But unsaid words and wishful thinking comes easily to humans.

This one goes out to you, to the one who could’ve been. I wish we had more time together, I wish your shy smile or the momentary giggle was enough to keep us together. But more than anything I wish our relationship had a name. Or maybe it does, we we were a, could’ve but now, we’ll never know.

And wherever you are whatever you do, I want you to know you were what taught me to be stronger than the others, to love when love wasn’t enough and to appreciate silences that mourned the heart. You weren’t a heartbreak, I wouldn’t call you that. You were a lesson and the best of its kind.