This Is The Only ‘Relationship Goal’ You Really Need


I have only one duty here, which is to maintain myself and not let anyone tell me or convince me that it’s not possible to be an individual.

Be yourself, they say. Just be yourself and everything will work out fine. That is until you decide to put those words into practice, then you’ll soon realize that there’s much more to it; in order to be yourself, you first have to have faith in yourself which requires a lot of confidence in your own abilities, to begin with.

There is one more thing that makes it even more difficult to stay true to your own dreams and desires, and that is when you are in a relationship.

You might be a part of someone’s life, but don’t confuse that with your own identity.

You are still your own person and have not become a girlfriend/boyfriend who never gets involved in anything without their partner or who starts to dismiss all plans which might bring up an issue. You are not each other’s property, nor do you constantly need each other’s approval. Don’t be each other prisoners of life, be each other’s supporters for life.

You are still your own person, whether in a relationship or currently enjoying married life.

Do the things which matter to you, do not limit yourself and feel sorry afterward for letting opportunities fade away because you cling to a person who has his/her own life too. Having a relationship should not be the end of your growing process, because it’s a never-ending journey. It shouldn’t matter.

To grow in life is an individual process, no one can do that for you. Not even your partner. Some things you just have to do alone, to know that you can be happy alone too. That doesn’t mean that you are being selfish towards your partner and doesn’t take his/her feelings into account. It’s about your own life and that should matter just as much. Take solo-traveling, for example, I have heard from many people how they wish they could travel alone too but can’t because of their relationship. Why? If trust is the issue, then darling, it shouldn’t matter if you are physically close together or thousand miles away. Because trust won’t suddenly become less when someone is away for a period of time. If trust is the issue, then our mind may already wander off while being with our partner.

Stop restricting yourself, especially not for someone you love dearly.

A relationship is not something you should feel the need to stay in control of, it’s about being proud of each other for managing to stay true to yourself – while being together.

That’s a real relationship goal if you ask me.