This Is The Only Unconditional Love That Truly Matters


Love is often described as “eternal” and “everlasting” by doe-eyed romantics that believe in fighting the good fight. So many hopefuls are willing to endure the arguments and the unfavorable compromises that are made because the relationship is believed to be worth the sacrifices. To some, the mere thought of abandoning a relationship is often unthinkable after considering the time and energy that was invested; however, there are a select few that do not hold love to such a high esteem. Some are willing to walk away from another without hesitation out of love for themselves.

Unconditional love translates quite simply into “how much are you willing to tolerate to not die alone?” Almost everything in our lives is conditional on circumstances and situations, why should love be any different? 

People that we once loved may change for both better or worse and we are allowed to reassess and decide that the relationship no longer serves us. If the person you met was driven and passionate but then became dull and lifeless, you are not doomed to suffer with them for the rest of your days because you dropped the “L” bomb years ago under different circumstances.

We are sometimes faced with difficult decisions in our relationships that cannot always be reconciled. Your partner or your dream job across the country? The comfort of your relationship or the growing desire for freedom? And when faced with difficult decisions, I hope you always choose you. 

There is no one that I love more than myself.

Having concern for others is part of human nature, but I have come to understand that I am responsible for my own happiness. If the person that I am with infringes on my goals or my peace, they have the option of adjusting or leaving. No one in my life is permanent and I make no apologies for “taking out the trash” when needed. In the past, I have made the mistake of placing a relationship before my dreams and quickly learned that there is no greater consequence than the loss of time and opportunity.

If someone is not meeting your standard for a partner or even a friend, you have permission to leave. Pursue your own happiness at all cost. In spite of the promises and the vows, the “forevers” and the plans- you can leave.

The only love that should be conditional is the love we have for ourselves.