This Is The Real Reason He Won’t Commit To You


It will happen one day — the light will go out.

That flickering light of hope that you’ve been holding onto for several months, years even, will suddenly get extinguished and you will realize one sad, painful fact:

A real, committed relationship with him will never happen.

It didn’t happen in four, six, or maybe even 12 months, so the chances of it happening in the coming days and weeks are close to zero.

The time you spent with each other should be more than enough of a basis for him to take an action and form a decision. You have to bear in mind that the absence of a decision is already a decision in itself — he’s deciding not move forward to the next level because you’re not his choice, and you probably never will be.

He’s deciding to take the easier path — the one without commitment but with all the benefits he can get. He’s deciding not to take on the full responsibility of making you his girlfriend because he just doesn’t want to. Otherwise, it would have happened by now.

He may have a lot of reasons to back up his non-decision, and you may actually believe them enough to justify his lack of commitment, but it all boils down to whether he wants this to happen just as much as you do.

The sad, painful reality is that he just does not want to. It’s as black and white as it could get.

In this world of modern dating and casual relationships, we often overlook the importance of commitment. It’s fine if you’re both okay with this kind of setup, but then we’re humans, and one of you is just bound to want something more in the long run, especially if you’ve already formed a deeper connection after several months together.

If one wants to move forward and the other just wants to keep the relationship as it is, then things start to go downhill from here.

The light of hope in you will go out at this point, and there will be many sleepless nights and a shitload of confusion during this period. Because once that idealistic, romantic, hopeful-for-the-future light snuffs out, that’s actually when things get clearer and you’ll be able to see the relationship as it is, in black and white.

When you reach this point, you’ll have to be the one to take the decision.

Don’t wait for him; you cannot control his timing, his pace, and his current phase in life. But you do have a say in yours, so this is basically entirely your call, not his.

As cliché as this sounds, you’ll have to stop wasting valuable time and decide what’s best for yourself.

Just keep in mind that a dead-end, no-commitment relationship is not worth the trouble. You have better things to do.