This Is The Real Talk Advice Every High School Grad Needs To Hear Right Now


I’m going to tell you something that people like to apparently leave out about life,

It. Is. Fucking. Hard.

Some people call it a marathon instead of a sprint, okay I like that. But picture this – it’s a marathon, on quick sand while you’re on fire.

There are going to be times when you literally just lay on your floor and cry and scream because you have no idea what you’re doing. You don’t know what you’re doing that day, night or for your entire life for that matter. They don’t tell you how much the job market sucks and how expensive that potential job is. They don’t tell you it’s okay to second guess your self and change your mind, but it is. It’s normal.

They don’t tell you people suck. Boys (girls) are going to break you. And not even just your heart. You’re going to lose friends which probably hurts more than your significant other, because let’s be real – who’s bed are you in crying when you’re fighting with “Mark” that stupid ass hat. And people will disappoint you and use you.

But you will have people who care. You will have an amazing support group from all over.

Your home friends, your school friends, and work friends. You might have that one special friend who you call at 2:40 AM and she picks up and says she on her way over in a onsie with tequila and pizza because she is always up. You might have a few of those friends. It is normal to grab on to people. Hug them. It’s so important.

Life is going to suck. People will get sick and some people will even die – but remember those people you have use them. Yeah sure time heals but let’s be real it really doesn’t – it cradles the void you feel in your heart, life, and body, but like how shitty the weather can be the sun still rises, that pain is always somewhat there. And feel things.

Stop trying to play it off like not feeling things is cool.

Like you’re going to feel crippling anxiety and stress and you’re going to want to crawl and die and that’s okay – just make sure you have a good book, clean sheets, something to eat and drink, and a Netflix account. Your mental health and you are so important. Self help is ridiculously important – trust me. And surprise – you’re human and you’re going to feel depressed at some point. Now is where you get the alcohol – but be safe, always. Drunk words are sober thoughts. Give your phone to your person, you’ll be thankful for that. And. Don’t. Ever. Drive. If. You. Drank. (Beside if you’re sad a sleepover with your best friend is the best)

But hey guess what else – you’re going to get through it all. You matter so much more than your gpa. You are more than how much you make in a year. So take that nap. Hold that boys (girls) hand. Go to the bar with your friends. Drink really good coffee and have a burger. Take 10 minutes longer in the shower. Hell pop champagne whenever you get the chance because this is your life. And you are doing amazing at it.