This Is The Riverdale Character You Should Be For Halloween Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Gemini: Archie Andrews

Tortured artist? Football Player? Sleeping with his teacher and the cheerleader? Sounds like a Gemini to me. Gemini is the sign of the twin, aka the sign of the split personality. No one is more torn with his identity than Archie.

Geminis are also known to be artistically inclined. They are extremely curious, which explains why Archie literally has his eggs in every different basket.

“You are so perfect. I’m not good enough for you. I’ll never be good enough for you.” Spare me Archie, as you lightly break Betty’s heart.

Cancer: Polly Cooper

Cancer is one of the most emotional signs. When they are in love, they are really in love. It is do or die for them, literally in Polly’s case. A Cancer will never give up on their partner. Most people around them are often worried, about how much they are willing to sacrifice for others.

“Polly is locked up in that house like a character out of Jane Erye.”

Leo: Josie McCoy

Josie the Pussy Cat has to be the lion of the zodiac. No other sign takes centre stage, quite like a Leo. Leo’s need attention and recognition for their accomplishments. As they should….they are well deserved. At the same time, they still know how to be a good helping friend and take on a supportive role. Josie does Cheryl a solid and helps Archie with his music, because Cheryl is her girl. Leo’s stay on top, because they appreciate the people who got them there.

“Cheryl is my girl. and she said you needed help”.

I mean her mom is the mayor… so a little bit of Leo pride entitlement is allowed.

Virgo: Betty Cooper

Overachievers, perfectionists, planners this has Betty Cooper’s pink perfection lip stick written all over it.

“I do everything for everyone. Everything to be perfect. The perfect daughter, the perfect sister, the perfect student. Can’t I do one thing for me?.”

You will do one thing for you eventually Betty, his name is Jughead. Virgos do everything first and think about themselves last.

Libra: Kevin Keller

Libras are known to be the social butterfly. Kevin can run with basically every crew. His former Boy Toy Moose was a Jock, his childhood BFF is obvi Goody Two Shoes Betty, and Park Avenue Princess Veronica wants to take him shopping.

He is the best friend everyone is dying to have.

Libras are ruled by Venus and known to be the lover of beauty. “ And where did you get those thigh-high boots?”

Scorpio: Veronica Lodge

Raven haired beauty, no one else could pull off being the most sensual sign. Veronica’s way of helping Archie with grief, is to jump in the shower naked with him. As Archie says “I have the best girlfriend”. Scorpios are feisty, but remember their element is water not fire.

“Maybe that reckoning is me, you wanted fire sorry Cheryl Bombshell, my speciality is ice” .

Scorpios are advocates for the truth, even when their family does not like it. “”I don’t think you’re an innocent pawn, Mom. I think you’re Daddy’s eyes and ears on the ground, calling the shots.”

Veronica is gutsy, she tells you exactly what is on her mind. Scorpio’s are not one for sugar-coating the truth. Scorpios are extremely righteous. Veronica also fights for justice against Chuck’s playbook, she not only gets revenge for herself, but for all the other girls.

While Scorpios can be the most honest sign, they are also capable of being kinda shady when they want to be. It wasn’t super cool of V to kiss Archie in the 7 minutes of heaven, when B was still crushing on him. But…whatever she bought Betty “I am sorry, I made out with your crush cupcakes” the next day, so all is forgiven. Remember B and V are a package deal.

Sagittarius: Val Brown

Fun and free spirited, it is no wonder this poet is a Sagittarius. Sagittariuses are all about living in the moment, however the second things are not fun anymore they are as outtie as Kate Sanders. Val and Archie had their fun in the sun ( or moment on stage), but she is not okay with playing back up to Cheryl. She is a Pussycat, not a back up. A Sagittarius does not put up with any of that nonsense. All attention on them or nothing.

Valerie: “Archie, I’m done with you. Ever since we’ve started dating, you’ve ignored me. You’ve ditched me.”

Archie: “Val, please! Let me make it up to you.”

Valerie: “Sorry, Archie, but unlike you, I won’t be bought”.


Capricorn: Alice Cooper

The news never sleeps, no one knows this better than Alice Cooper. The first one to know everything about everyone. Alice Cooper is a busy bee. The only way she could be in all of these places at once, is if she was a Capricorn. Capricorns are known to be workaholics. They literally can not sleep if their job is not done. Capricorns are known to be know-it alls and condescending. We all can feel the passive aggressive wrath in Alice Cooper’s tone.

“Slut shaming. It’s what they call it when sluts get shammed.”

In true Capricorn nature they annoyingly remember everything perfectly. They rarely forgive and they never forget. Alice Cooper can hold a grudge like no one else.

With all the craziness put aside, she always still has her daughters best interest at heart. Capricorns are very protective, especially with their family. Family and tradition is highly important to them. Capricorns care very much about their image and of what other people think of them. They are far from a free spirit, more of a “type A “ personality type.

Capricorns are tremendous hard workers. They are true fighters, you want a Capricorn on your team. Alice Cooper is always scheming with the squad.

Aquarius: Jason Blossom

Aquarians are always well liked by everyone, they are adored like some sort of god. They are the mysterious type, that you just want to get to know better. People can mistake their quietness for boring, yet that is the furthest from the truth. No mind is wilder than an Aquarius. That is why they are so quiet, they are keeping all their craziness to themselves.

Aquarius may be quiet, but when they speak they are always heard. They are about quality over quantity. They are risk takers, willing to make the difference.

“Jason’s death changed Riverdale.”

Pisces: Jughead Jones

Artsy bad boy on a bike, who is also writing a novel. I don’t think even a Pisces could dream that big. Pisces are known to live in their own world. Jughead does label himself as an “outsider”. Pisces likes to be different, that is what makes them special. A Pisces would hate being called “normal”. They love their weirdness. Own your Jughead crown and wear it proud.

“In case you haven’t noticed, I’m weird. I‘m a weirdo.”

Pisces are like onions they have many layers. One part Serpent, One part author, One part sweet boyfriend. Pisces are complex human beings, they have many sides to them. They could never be defined as one thing.

Aries: Cheryl Blossom

“I need girls with fire on my squad”. Aries element is fire, and no one brings the fire like Cheryl Blossom. With her fiery red hair and vixen chic outfits, there really is no competition here. I mean who else can literally burn their house on fire and get away with it? Aries are known to be dominant leaders. No one runs the show like Cheryl.

Aries likes to play games and create their own rules. “ If you breathe, that is because I give you air”….“ Things are going to be different now, Mommy. Better.”

An Aries is not one to wait around. They call the shots and the rest of us follow.

Aries is one of the most confident signs, they can basically achieve anything they put their mind to. Cheryl wants to be a pussycat, she jumps right on top of the diner with Josie. She is fearless to the core. Although she loves the leading role, she is still extremely supportive. She helps her brother escape her parents in the pilot. In the latest episode, she helps Jughead’s father in court.She may be cut-throat, but she still cares.

Taurus: Fred Andrews

Always wanting the best for everyone. Taurus are always there to lend a helping hand. Fred even hires his exgirlfriend as a business partner. Perhaps listen less with your heart Taurus and more with your head. Taurus is the most stable and reliable sign. As helpful as they are, they know when to draw the line. Remember Taurus may be helping you out, but they are still stubborn like a bull. Taurus is still the boss, despite their sweet demeanour. Do not bite the hand that feeds you. Taurus does not like to play hard ball, but when they have to…they will lay down the law. Even golden boy Archie gets grounded.

Tauruses can be very complex. While a Taurus is a romantic at heart, they are still realists. They are true dreamers that live in the real world.

Tauruses are extremely supportive, but they are still practical. Fred hesitates when Archie does not want to take over the family business and wants to pursue music. He worries Archie will not be able to make a living from his passion. As skeptical as Tauruses might be they do not let their worries hold them back. They are still risk takers even though it takes them a bit more thinking time to actually make the leap.