This Is The Simple Change Of Thought That Will Help You Move On From Him


We all have that one person that we seem to always come back to. Whether it’s someone that stays alive within our brain space or someone we are communicating with on an “on again off again” basis, there are some people it seems impossible to get over. So much energy goes into missing them while the thought of this person lives inside your head.

So what do you do?

It’s actually pretty simple but it takes some serious brain work to look at the situation from an honest place.

The reason it’s so hard for us to move on from certain people is really quite obvious: we are hopeful for a reconciliation; we don’t want to let go.

It’s hard for us to move on because deep down, we are holding onto the possibility of it working itself out down the road.

We hold onto this idea building an openness to the possibility of this guy turning around or even changing. By doing so, it stays constant in our minds even if we aren’t cognizant of it. And it can grow. And we find ourselves thinking about this person, maybe sending a drunk text, or even trying to superficially communicate with this person through social media.

If you want to move on you have to let go of any hope of this relationship mending itself back together at some point in the future.

You have to be present, and that means letting go of your past. You have to make a conscious effort to fully remove yourself from this person while training your brain to accept that it’s over in real life which means it needs to be over in your head.

It hurts and it’s hard, but put into practice this will strengthen your mind while also allowing you to give yourself fully to the relationships that are in your present and even the ones in your future.

Hoping for a reconciliation down the road is not letting go.

Staying in contact on social media is staying in contact.

Reflect, accept, and move forward. You are stronger than you think.