This Is The Source Of Feminine Power


“Sexually awakened women, affirmed and recognized as such, would mean the complete collapse of the authoritarian ideology.” – Wilhelm Reich

What is the source of our feminine power? The secret lies deep within us in the dwelling place of the self…our sacral chakra or center of creation. Our sexual/orgasmic energy IS the source of our creativity, power and the key to the manifestation of our desires! 

It is no accident or coincidence that women’s sexuality has been repressed and shamed for millennia. For the patriarchy to seize power, they had to crush the sacred feminine and shut down the source of her power…her sexual connection with source and with all that is. They tried unsuccessfully to do so, for a time following the advent of the agricultural age, with the old church taking control of greater and greater portions of land and promoting the guilds of male physicians over the trusted wise women healers of the time. The people continued to turn to these wise women, who new how to heal, to guide women safely through childbirth and to control the birth rate…women were much more sovereign over their bodies and pleasure in those days and did not have unwanted children.

The church responded to this loyalty to the wise women through the inquisitions, hunting down and killing the wise women with accusations of witchcraft and painting the revered Crone as the evil old hag bent over a cauldron. To ensure that the rule of fear would be complete, they killed women by the thousands, often forcing their daughters to witness the horror to ensure that there would never be another generation of women who would dare to challenge the rule of the patriarchy, effectively destroying the reverence society had held for our elder women, the Crones.

“The inquisition gave the “Medical Doctors” trained by the universities and sanctioned by the Church, the power of life or death over all female healers or midwives. If any woman was accused of ‘healing’ before a witchcraft tribunal, the presumption was that she had cured through witchcraft. But to be doubly sure, the authors of Malleus Mallificorum said that the question of how a woman had healed the patient should be put to a ‘Qualified Medical Doctor’. If he said she had cured through witchcraft, then she would die” (J. F. Roberts, 2000, p. 4).

The universities, which did not allow women to attend, taught for 200 years a medicine which was inferior to that of the Hags, the ‘Wise Women’, the cures of which were based on superstition rather than on proven treatments. They specialized in rare and costly imported treatments such as ‘unicorn horn, viper’s flesh, powdered mummy, crab’s eyes, oil of earthworms and rhino horn’ (J. F. Roberts, 2000, p. 2). The lay people simply could not afford these expensive treatments and continued to rely on their ‘wise women’ for their medical needs. Therefore, with the encouragement of the Church, law, and physicians,

“The wise women were systematically eliminated in the witch burnings, an orgy of fury and terror and vengeance paralleled in this century only by the actions of Hitler, Pol Pot, and the Bosnian conflict. Estimates of the numbers of women killed during the fourteenth to the seventeenth century vary from hundreds of thousands to eight million. In many villages, only one or two women remained. Women carried out mass suicide by drowning to escape the sadistic tortures of the Inquisition which crushed, dismembered, boiled, flayed, cut to pieces and burned alive the women healers of all Europe. And often forced their daughters to give evidence against them, and to watch the torture and death, so that they might never feel the urge to freedom and autonomy within themselves.” (Wainer, J. 1996, p.4)

To all this we say, ‘we are the granddaughters of the witches they forgot to burn’ and we are here to reclaim our feminine power and reinstate the Crone to her true place of honor in this world! We are here, now, to reclaim sovereignty over our bodies, to awaken our sexuality and surrender onto our pleasure as the true source of our creativity and our feminine power! We do this knowing that, by so doing, we resurrect the Divine Feminine essence in the Earth and restore the balance, unleashing fully both the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine within each of us…creating peace. As above, so below…as within, so without….so be it, and so it is!