This Is The Way Bookworms Pick Their Person


Bookworms pick their person in the same way that they pick a book. They don’t settle for the first thing they see. And they never judge by the looks of the cover.

Bookworms want to get to know you before committing to you. They want to figure out the way that your brain works.

They would rather date someone who has a beautiful mind than someone who only looks nice on the outside.

That’s why bookworms ask a lot of questions. They want to know everything about you, from the shade of your bedroom walls to what you carry around when you need good luck.

They don’t care about superficial details, like what brand of clothing you wear. They care about deeper things, about things that only the people closest to you ever learn.

Bookworms want someone with a strong sense of adventure. Someone who will pull them from their place on the couch and help them see the world firsthand so they’re not always living vicariously through a page.

They want someone who will encourage them to take chances. Someone who will act spontaneous and wild.

But they also want someone who is okay with the peace and quiet. Who doesn’t need to explore the town and check out the bar scene every single weekend. Someone who will also cuddle in bed with books in their hands.

Bookworms love occasional excitement, but most days, all they want to do is relax. They don’t need fancy dates to keep them interested in a person. They just need good conversation and maybe a good cup of coffee to sip and share.

Of course, bookworms would prefer someone with an appreciation of nature. Someone who will sit under the shade of a tree with them just to talk and will send them pictures of the sunset when they’re miles apart. Someone who sees the beauty in the world and the beauty in themselves.

Bookworms are simple souls, so they’ll be happy as long as you take a few hours out of your schedule to spend time with them. As long as you keep them in your mind. As long as you do little things, like send them a song that reminds you of them and pick them a flower that matches their eye color.

And, of course, bookworms want to know which books you keep tucked on your shelves. Which genre is your overall favorite. Which author you hope releases something new soon. Which story has shaped your life the most.

Bookworms could never date someone who bashes reading. Someone who skimmed through the classics in class and only knows the movie version of every book. Someone who thinks they don’t have enough time to read — or even worse, that there’s nothing good to read.

Bookworms need someone with a packed bookshelf. Someone they can borrow and trade stories with. Someone who will be happy to read the same things as them so they have something else to talk about besides the latest TV show.

Bookworms understand that a person’s favorite book says a lot about them. And if they hate reading? Well, that says a lot about them, too.

Holly Riordan is the author of
Severe(d), A Creepy Poetry Collection.
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