This Is The Way I Want You To Make Love To Me


Let’s make love on a cold, rainy night. Hold my hands tight and caress every part of me. I want your skin on me. Touch me in places others wouldn’t dare to. Look me in the eyes and tell me you love me with all your heart.

Let’s make love on sunny days. Thrust yourself in me. Pull me close. Wrapped me inside your arms. Hold me tighter than most days.

Let’s make love before the night ends. Be inside my universe, explore my soul, let’s be skin to skin. Touch me. Love me. Love all of me.

Let’s make love on a Saturday morning. Wake me up with your lips on my neck. Wake me up with your hand on my hips. Wake me up with longing in your breathe. Wake me up with the excitement that our bodies feel.

Let’s make love under new blankets and new sheets. Your skin on my skin. Your body on mine. Your hands on me. Your eyes focused on me.

Let’s make love with the lights on. Stare at me. Memorize every inch of me — my body, my hands, my lips, my face. Gently fondle me. Show me your desires.

Let’s make love on weekdays. On a hard, long, workday, cling to me. Make great love to me. Erase all the stress away. Kiss them all out. Clench my hands tight for the rest of the night.

Let’s make love on our lazy days. Pull my clothes off. Grip my body inside yours. Hang on to me. Leave me breathless yet leave me wanting for more.

Let’s not waste our time. Let’s explore our souls together. Hold me always. Because love does not make us, but we make love.