This Is What A Good Lover Does


Kudos if you got past the word lover, because quite frankly, it grosses me out.

A good lover doesn’t just let their body take control,
or maybe they do.
But a good lover listens first.
A good lover asks questions,
and respects whatever answer they are given.
A good lover touches gently,
or roughly.
Maybe a good lover doesn’t touch at all.
A good lover pushes you against the wall,
letting their tongue discover every untouched spot
it can find.
A good lover holds you tightly,
lets you know you are safe here.
You are understood
A good lover says what they want,
they help direct if you get a little lost.
A good lover adores your body like the God/Goddess you are,
never letting you forget how worthy
of ecstasy you are.
A good lover kisses you softly,
or just in between your legs.
A good lover knows your heart,
or what your libido wants.
A good lover never lets you forget
that you are part of it,
you are as in control
as they are.
A good lover pulls you into a world
you didn’t think existed.
And now,
you count yourself lucky to be there.
You count yourself lucky to know
what good sex is.
A good lover leaves your head spinning,
but doesn’t leave you spinning,
chaotic and nervous.
A good lover reassures you of how good it was,
how good you were.
How good it will be