This Is What A Woman REALLY Wants


What DO women really want?

That has been the question men have been asking for centuries now…all the while telling them what they SHOULD want, be, look like, how they should behave, and even how they should feel. Little wonder that men can’t figure what women want at a deep level…little wonder that even most women are confused!

Women are given a very clear message that if they don’t fit into society’s image of the ideal woman that they are somehow not enough or undeserving.

She should be SEXY but not SEXUAL…even then she’s walking a fine line because if she dresses too provocatively, she’s “asking for it.”She should be attentive to the pleasure of her man but not desire pleasure herself…that would be selfish…and would make her a slut. She should be in her ideal weight range with a BMI between 18.5 and 24.9 (it used to be 28) or she is viewed as either anorexic or obese…either of these is considered definitely unattractive! Women are also supposed to just be happy…if not she’s depressed….or a bitch! Stuff the emotions! Give, give, give….never ask for more…again, selfish! No wonder nearly 25% of women in America are taking antidepressants – two ½ times the rate of men. She must be perfect, continually give from an empty cup, and hide any part of herself deemed to be socially unacceptable…like her sexual desire, her sadness, and most definitely her rage!

What a woman truly desires is to be fully expressed as all of who she is, to be accepted and appreciated for her unique set of gifts and contribution to the relationship. She wants a partner who encourages her to grow and will grow WITH her, one who is strong enough to allow the chaos of her emotions to be fully expressed and not try to fix her.

Just HEAR her…FEEL her…truly SEE her! She wants her desire for pleasure to be honored and met with desire in return…not just to be fucked but to be made love to and fucked well! She wants her lover to WANT to please her…she wants him (or her) to leave her writhing and trembling with pleasure to the point of pushing the limits of how much pleasure she can receive and know that he (or she) loved every moment of it! She wants to be held and caressed, and adored, glowing in the magnetic field they have created together as she adores her beloved.

THIS is what a woman really wants…to be fully seen, felt and heard…in her true essence, in her emotion, in her pain, in her joy, in her ecstasy!