This Is What Balance Actually Means In A Relationship


I think the most important lesson anyone ever has to learn is the importance of balance in your life. People can get so lost in something or someone, especially if you’ve grown to admire that thing or person, but too much of something will eventually destroy your inner peace.

People aren’t medication to rely on to fix your own medication; the only person you’ve ever had to rely on is yourself and God.

It’s the easiest thing in the world to get so lost in love that you forget about the other important aspects in our lives. We forget that we have a life outside of the relationship and because of that, we could fall in so deep that we forget to breathe. We wonder how being with someone you love could leave you breathless, as if you’ve been underwater for the longest time and you’ve forgotten to use your lungs.

We think that it’s okay to abandon all the other aspects in our lives for a relationship because people think that the essence in love relies on sacrifice alone but that isn’t entirely true. The basis of a healthy relationship is learning that love means letting someone be their own person outside the relationship.

It’s the perfect balance between being independent and having the capacity to love them without being tempted to change them. We should be able to love someone purely without attempting to control them with our lives. People, not even those that love you with their entire heart, have no obligation whatsoever to give you their time and give you parts of themselves just to satisfy your needs. We should be able to realize that love is not attachment and it is not begging someone to text you back even when they’re at work or when they’re out with friends. Love is more than the toxicity and destructive behaviors. As cliché as it is, love really is about letting go in the sense that you let them be happy and you’re just an added bonus in their life. You’re not what they need, but they choose to love you and have you in their life because they believe that you make everything better. That’s what genuine love is and that’s exactly how you achieve being in a healthy and happy relationship.