This Is What Being Ghosted Really Looks Like One Day At A Time



She’s just left your house. You asked her if she wanted a ride home but she told you she already called an uber.

“Are you sure? You’re the best.”

She’s still glowing from the morning sex. She can’t stop grinning thinking about how high you guys got last night, laughing uncontrollably at shitty old TV shows. Her heart skips a beat remembering how you just grabbed her face and looked her in the eyes before you kissed her goodbye.

You told her you wanted to see her soon. She can’t wait.


She hasn’t heard from you but she just saw you yesterday. She knows sometimes you go out with your roommate on Sunday nights and maybe you’re just taking it easy today. She gives you your space. After all, you did tell her you wanted to see her soon. She’s still on a high from your recent hang out this past weekend.


She still hasn’t heard from you. She remembers that sometimes you have important work projects due early in the week so you might be busy with that. She doesn’t want to bother you while you’re working so hard.

She sees an ad for the new Adam Sandler movie. She smiles thinking how fun it would be to get high and go see it together. Maybe you can do that next weekend.

She wants you to know she’s thinking about you but not desperate for your attention. She sends you a link to a funny article about how gluten allergies are bullshit.

You text her back, “lol. How are you? How’s your day going?”

You chat for a minute and mutually agree you need to hang out soon.

She knew you were probably just a little busy.


She gets off work early that day. She wonders if maybe you’re off, too. Maybe you could grab a drink. She just texted you yesterday but you even said that you needed to hang out soon.

“Hey! Are you free tonight?!”

A few hours past and you don’t respond.

You’re probably busy at work. Or maybe you worked early that day and now you’re taking a nap. If you respond soon, there’s still plenty of time to hang out.

Another few hours pass.

“Hey! Sorry for the late response!! I’m at a friend’s right now! What are you up to?”

You chat for a bit again and decide tonight is probably not the best night to hang but you make plans for Friday.


A friend of hers asks her to grab drinks tomorrow night. She says she already has plans. Her friend asks, “With who?”

She doesn’t want to make a big deal about it. You guys are just hanging out. You’re casual. You’re taking it slow. No expectations.

She replies, with a huge smile, “Just a friend.”


She’s got a few different outfits in mind for tonight depending on what you do. Maybe you’ll finally go out to that new jazz bar you’ve been talking about for dancing and she can wear her new dress. She’ll let you decide.

She gets a call from you around 4 pm. Your brother is planning a last minute party and you really want to go but you wanted to see if it was okay with her first.

“Oh, of course. Totally! That sounds fun!”

“Seriously? Are you sure? You are so cool.”

“No, absolutely. Go have fun.”

You tell her you’ll make it up to her tomorrow night and apologize again for flaking out.

She wonders if maybe you wanted her to go to your brother’s with you. But you didn’t say anything, so probably not.


She’s pretty sure you guys are hanging out but no plans were actually made.

She wants to text you asking how the party was but she doesn’t want to bug you.

You said you’d make it up to her so maybe you’re planning a surprise.

Her roommate asks her if she wants to go to a birthday dinner but she’s not sure what you guys might be doing so she doesn’t want to commit.

It’s 6 pm. The birthday dinner starts in an hour. She hasn’t heard from you but the night is still early.

It’s 8 pm. Her roommate texts her saying the party is just getting started and begs her to come. She still hasn’t heard from you but she doesn’t want to go out and then be unavailable if you text. But maybe something came up. Maybe you’re not feeling well. Maybe you can still meet up even if she heads to the party. She starts to get ready

It’s 9 pm. She’s spent the last hour wondering if maybe she came on a little too strong. She wonders if it might’ve seemed like she was upset yesterday when you bailed on the plans. She goes through every detail of your last hang out thinking maybe she said something offensive or did something you didn’t like in bed. She’s just about to call an uber to go meet her roommate downtown. She gets a text from you.

“Hey sorry been super hungover all day!!!!! I don’t know if I feel up to doing much but would you want to come over?!”

She’s a little bummed you don’t want to go out but so relieved that you still want to hang.

“No worries at all! Glad you had fun! Yah sure, I’d love to come over :)”

She’s a little nervous on the way over. She wonders if you are just hanging out with her because you feel like you need to. She wonders if she’s coming off too desperate. She wonders if she’s bothering you and she should just let you do your own thing.

You open the door and grab her and kiss her. You tell her it’s so great to see her.

Her fears are relieved. It was probably just a busy week for you. She tells herself to not worry so much next time.


She’s getting ready to leave your house. You kiss her goodbye and tell her you’ll text her later. You don’t offer a ride because you assumed she probably already called an uber. She did.

As she’s walking out the door, she’s still glowing from the morning sex.

She doesn’t get that text from you later.