This Is What ‘Falling In Love’ Really Means



Falling in love is seeing her lipstick clad lips perk up, and unconsciously, yours do too. It is giving her roses at random times. It is seeing her all dressed up with her favorite dress, which she has reserved simply for you. It is how your cheeks turn when she touches you in places you don’t expect her to. It is when you see her with someone else, feeling a surge of jealousy course through your body.


Falling in love is walking in the park on a good day, looking up at the sky and admiring how the clouds look like cotton candy. It is feeling your whole world fall apart in front of you when you know you messed up and there’s no way in hell she will forgive you.


Falling in love is seeing her from the end of the aisle, wearing the dress you have been dying to see her in for a long time. It is waking up in the same bed, clad in the same sheets. It is the feeling of blankness when you long for her but you can’t have her.


Falling in love is running under the gloomy sky and the pouring rain together, not regretting a single moment. It is knowing that separation sucks; it sucks so much that you’d do everything to get her back.


Falling in love is walking under the sun which is as bright as your day when you see her. It is getting pale because of all the long nights of drinking and thinking.