This Is What Finding Inner Peace Is Really About


Finding peace is about that inner gut feeling of being able to breathe without feeling anxious, angry, sad or depressed. Having inner peace is focusing your attention on things that you can control. You can control how you react to a significant person in a relationship, but you can’t control how they are going to feel. You can control preparing for a job interview, but you can’t control whether you get hired for that job. You can control working out for a fitness competition, but you can’t control whether you will win. Focusing on what we can control takes discipline, and worrying about the outcome is wasted energy.

Finding peace is about connecting with nature. Hanging out in nature makes you happy; going for a hike, being close to the water, or just sitting outside has tremendous benefits to your health. Getting outside helps you breathe easier, lowers anxiety, and gets your blood flowing. Take up a new hobby, perhaps gardening or bike riding—you will be surprised what a little Vitamin D can do for your physical and mental health.

Finding peace is about taking care of your body by minding what you eat and exercising. Start to treat your body like a temple and get rid of the junk food and sodas. Focus on eating whole foods and realize how much better you will feel. Start to exercise on a regular basis and lose those extra pounds you’ve been carrying for years.

Finding peace is about being true to yourself and making decisions that are important to you. Society seems to dictate our choices, but when they are the opposite of our dreams and desires, our inner peace is compromised. Live the life you choose without regret, without pressure from others. Design a life that is congruent to your values and expectations, not someone else’s. You may choose to live a simple life in the country instead of a busy life in a fancy home, and that’s okay. Finding peace is about directing your thoughts to your goals and choices and making assertive action to achieve them.

Finding peace is about helping other people in need without expecting anything in return. When you see someone struggling, show them kindness and help them. Someday you may be that person struggling in need. You will notice that when you take the focus off yourself, you will find satisfaction and peace helping someone else.

Finding peace is about taking control of your life and being assertive. Other people in this world will try to persuade you against your desires, but you need to be strong and go after what it is that you want without intentionally hurting anyone. Be bold—no one wants to be around someone who is passive. Make your own decisions and follow your heart.

Finding peace is about being still, calming your mind, and being content in the quiet. We all tend to react off emotions—that’s normal and human—but when life becomes challenging, take a few deep breaths and stop for a moment. You will see that a situation looks much different when you come from a place of quiet.

Finding peace is about letting go of perfection and allowing imperfections. Embrace your flaws and validate your attempts to learn from your mistakes. Stop beating yourself up for not fitting into that size 0 or having that high-paying career. Let go of the negativity and start feeding your mind with positivity and watch your self-esteem soar.

Finding peace is about learning patience and being empathetic to others. Choose to practice forgiveness and understand others rather than judge them. Take ownership of your mistakes and correct them. At the end of the day, all you can do is be accountable for your own actions and find peace of mind in doing the right thing.

Finding peace is about letting go of the past, being eternally hopeful for the future, and living in the moment. Instead of viewing the past as a story that defines you, see it as a valuable lesson to learn from that allows you to grow and move forward. Maybe you were abandoned as a child or you got your heart broken in a relationship. Choose to use these experiences as stepping stones instead of obstacles.

To find inner peace is to give love, and the best way to do that is to love yourself first.