Here’s To My College Roommates As We Go Our Separate Ways


We’ve known each other for four years now.

Four years. It seems like an eternity, yet at the same time it feels like these years have passed by in the blink of an eye. It wasn’t just the sheer amount of time we spent together—it was the fact that these were the most transitional, impactful, life-altering four years of our existence. In four years, we’ve seen each other at our very best and, inevitably, at our very worst.

From day one, we saw each other through every up and down on life’s greatest emotional roller coasters. From being heartbroken, to falling in love, to even falling in love with the ones who broke our hearts—we were there for each other with advice, hugs, moral support, tissue boxes and of course, plenty of wine.

Then there was the anxiety of selecting a path for our futures. Sometimes we changed our minds, sometimes we second-guessed our decisions and sometimes we just sought reassurance for the path we were already on. No matter how impossible it all seemed, we were in it together.

You’ve taught me so much. From you, I’ve learned about new cultures, religions and foods. Not only that, but I’ve also learned to be a stronger, more independent person—a person who unapologetically speaks up for herself. I’m still working at it, but you’ve shown me the way, and for that I am truly grateful.

I’ll miss sharing make up, hair straighteners, gossip and laughter. I’ll miss rushing into each others’ closets in desperate search of something to wear and cramming into one bathroom to get ready for a night out. I’ll miss late-night movies and cheesy bread orders. I’ll miss dancing like fools and singing at the top of our lungs while drinking $2 Long Islands. I’ll miss gathering in the living room for the latest episode of The Bachelor and the study sessions that always consisted of more talking than studying.

I’ll miss each and every one of you for more reasons than I can count, but most of all, I’ll miss you because of the way we took care of each other. Looked out for each other. Loved each other, in spite of the stupid arguments or frustrations that occasionally threatened our relationship. After all this time, we’ve stuck together. Now the future we planned for has arrived sooner than we ever imagined possible, and perhaps we don’t quite feel ready to say goodbye to the many memories we’ve created over these last four years.

But we don’t have to. These memories are merely the foundation of the memories ahead of us—memories that are yet to be created. No, things will never be the same. We’ll never all live together under the same roof, or even in the same city. But college was simply what brought us together—we don’t need to stay there to keep ourselves together. Someday, we’ll be grinning and holding back tears as we watch each other walk down the aisle. We’ll be watching each other’s children grow up, hoping they don’t find out about how stupid we were when we were their age.

So, while you may no longer be my roommates, you are forever my closest, dearest friends. And the miles between us, the chaotic work schedules, and the passing time can never, ever change that.

I’ll see you soon. Don’t forget the cheesy bread.