This Is What Happened The Second I Started To Like Myself More


There was a time in life where I would wear a beanie every day because my social anxiety would be unbearable unless I did, I’ve worn clothing to cover up every single part of me, and I’ve sabotaged a lot of things that could have been really good for me because of my own idea around my worth – but here is what I’ve learned through the anxiety, insecurities, and lack of self-love:

The moment you start to show even an ounce of appreciation towards yourself, the world multiplies it.

The second you start to show the most minuscule amount of support and love for any part of you, the universe gives you more.

Everything changed. The world around me completely and utterly transcended.

The second I started to like myself more things became less about everyone else and more about me and what I was doing. I no longer carry worry for my future, I don’t feel anxiety around the people I’ve lost, and I don’t feel pressure about the ones I have yet to.

The second I made the decision to not feed myself any negative thought about myself (even though sometimes I still have them, I just had to disregard and let it go before it becomes my reality) is the second that everyone I needed came to me effortlessly and everyone I never did left without chaos.

The second I started to like myself the world around me became silent and the only noise I heard was from the birth of everything I was scared to be.

The second I started to like myself my heartbreak became irrelevant, image and ego were nothing, and I felt indifferent to everything that wasn’t supporting my evolution and that wasn’t shining bright love my way.

Starting to like yourself more is more than a never-ending process, it’s an everyday choice. When you start to like yourself more, the decision to honor yourself rather than depreciate yourself becomes easier as does the strength to keep doing it.

When you start to like yourself more the world changes around you, it syncs with your peace. When you start to like yourself more what’s for you becomes so much more clear; your roadmap becomes so familiar that it never fails to remind you that you are always home no matter how lost you get.

Making the choice to like yourself more than you did yesterday is not about the uncomfortable feelings that you will continue to be presented with, it’s about learning how to stay inside your own skin when they are. It’s about the magic that appears around you because it’s simply reflecting off of you. It’s about the support the world gives back to you when you show you can be a friend to yourself.

Dare to like yourself more. Little by little, moment by moment, choose to offer yourself kindness before cruelty even when you feel your worst. I promise, the second you start to like yourself more is the second you will feel everything in your reality respond in the same tone you speak to yourself in – and it will feel so good.