This Is What Happens When He Only Wants Sex


She didn’t want him to leave. Her eyes filled with tears that were begging to be exposed, because she had been suppressing them for God knows how long.

Her soul was twisted and broken, because of the pain he forced onto her. I love you —  those three words that he had once said to her turned into nothing but a bittersweet memory.

She was about to give everything to him. She was going to have sex with him, because it was something that he wanted more than anything in the world. He didn’t want to feel her full lips pressed against his or to feel his hands trail up and down on the curves of her hips that her mother had beautifully blessed her with.

He wanted to spread her legs open and show her a whole new world that would only benefit him — not her.

He wanted to pin her down to the queen size bed that the two shared occasionally whenever he would sleep over. But the only times he would sleep over were when his intentions were to have sex.

He wanted to feel himself slip inside of her and feel the warmth that her body had to offer. He was addicted to her. Her kisses were like the alcohol that his body craved.

He gazed into her eyes, because they showed her innocence and passion, which he didn’t have a single bit of. He was intoxicated by her.

She swayed her hips in a way that made his heart flutter with uneasiness, because no one else had ever made him feel that way before. She was a drug that he was always getting high off of. He wanted to feel her body press against his and to let her know the effect that she had on him.

Yet, she was never going to give herself up so easily to him, because she was too smart for his tactics. He was a broken soul with a twisted heart and a smile that lied like the Joker. She wasn’t stupid.

She found herself falling for him since day one. But she was very cautious of who she let in, because she would not allow herself to get hurt again by another stupid horny boy.

He was the type to offer you a smile that you just couldn’t look away from. The day he decided to pursue her would change her forever. She wouldn’t forget the way he first embraced her, because it was filled with nothing but warmth.

Her family members didn’t want to see her get hurt by him, because he was nothing but toxic. He had a whole different mindset than she did. She was a writer as he was a scientist.

She observed everything around her, she questioned everything, she wanted answers, but she would never give answers out, because that was not like her. She kept everything inside while he was open like a whore. He loved sex, not her.

His last relationship really did leave him broken, because he didn’t want a relationship at the moment. He just wanted someone to fuck with emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

The moment he walked out the door, it left her breathless. It made her whole body shrivel up with pain and anxiety that began to consume her.

Her body craved him like he craved her.