This Is What Happens When You Break A Soft Heart


When her soft heart breaks, she might try to hold on for a little longer than she should. She might convince herself that it is not really over between you, that you still have a chance to fix things, to make your love last. She might fight for you, even though she knows deep down in her chest that it is a bad idea.

Even after you walk out of her life, she will struggle to believe that you are really gone. She will check up on you by looking through your photos, by asking mutual friends how you have been doing. She will not let go of you easily. She will not stop loving you even when that is all she wants to do.

When her soft heart breaks, she is going to spend a while mending it. She is not going to jump headfirst into a new relationship. She is not going to sleep with the first person she sees to wipe your memory from her mind. She is not going to be in the mood to swipe through dating apps or flirtatiously lock eyes with strangers from across the room.

She is going to take some time for herself. She is going to learn to be okay alone again. She is going to give herself the tools that she needs to heal, because she knows rushing into a new love would be dangerous. She understands the best thing for her is to stay single for a while.

When her soft heart breaks, she will find it hard to forgive you at first. She feels every emotion strongly, so after you betray her, she will be a whirlwind. She will need a while to cool down. To come to terms with what you have done. To accept that you are gone and that it is for the best.

But one day, she will forgive you. She will be able to look back on your time together with a smile. She will hope that you are happy. She will be glad to hear that you are getting married or having babies, because she hasn’t stopped caring about you. Because she believes you deserve a good life.

When her soft heart breaks, it will not shatter. She will not question her worth because of you. She will not think less of herself because of you. She will not doubt that she is worthy of happiness because of you. She knows her worth. She knows that she has earned a shot at true love.

Her heart is soft but it is still strong. She is not going to let losing you deter her from falling in love again. She is not going to let one bad relationship spoil her view on them completely. She is not going to stay single forever out of fear that she will get hurt again.

One day, she is going to find someone who appreciates her sweetness. Someone who values her charm. Someone who would never hurt her the way that you have. Someone who handles her soft heart with gentle hands.