This Is What Happens When You Learn The Difference Between Fixing Someone And Helping Them


I’ve learned that there is a fine line between fixing and helping, as well as saving and inspiring. My problem was that when I was in relationships, I was deeply committed to their self-growth. I went all in. No more me, all of them, completely selfless—you lose yourself.

That’s where I’ve screwed up, because that’s when people can take advantage of your kindness; you get weak-minded and your ability to process things on an emotionally mature level is diminished.

You switch on autopilot mode when your happiness is solely reliant upon your partner’s because you’re living to serve everyone except for you; suddenly, your life takes a backseat, and next thing you know you’ve become a shell because you strayed from your path and got lost in theirs.

I was hard enough on myself as it was because my significant others were never satisfied with their lives; I always felt like I was never quite good enough, never realizing it was because I didn’t have any self-worth and they weren’t happy with themselves. That girl is long gone.

When you are able to help others without draining yourself in the process, life changes in a big way for the better, and that’s how you know the difference between someone who is using you and someone who appreciates you.

Instead of feeling empty after giving a part of you, an energetic lift will completely encompass you. When you know, you know. How do you not drain yourself?

I was learning consistency like a self-disciplined pixie and keeping an open heart to love unconditionally. Got back up after months when too much fun hit me because there is strength in resiliency and honing in on what we’re willing to be and to become in order to find what fulfills our happiness; because we have depths like wells we can fill and rebuild to help ourselves and humanity. I’ll take my wish and cast a spell for a lasting thing, because magic helps drastically when you’re going within actively. Don’t forget the benefit of what daily laughter brings