This Is What Happens When You Leave An Abusive Relationship


When you leave an abusive relationship, everything changes.

Your love for the other person gets called into question and you start wondering if you deserved everything they did to you. Every controlling method. Every hit. Every small thing gets called into question.

You don’t deserve any of it. Even though you believe you did. You deserve to be loved. I promise.

People in society don’t recognize how hard it is to begin to question leaving your partner that is doing these actions to you. They believe its all in your head. But obviously if you feel it day in and day out, it isn’t all in your head.

Words can’t express how individuals going through these situations deserve everything good in the world. They have been thinking for most of their lives that fighting for love means getting fought. That it is hard because you want to crave love for the purpose of wanting the attention of another.

You will find someone who will look at you and love everything your former partner didn’t. They will look at the bruises on your skin or beneath it and accept it. Someone will love you without you asking for it. Because everyone deserves to be loved to the highest capacity possible.

When I left my past relationship, I thought everything was my fault.

I thought that the person did nothing wrong because I am someone who is flawed. Someone who is far from perfect and who deserves the pain. It was close to four years of conditioning and believing everything.

Look in the mirror and recognize that the trauma you experienced is the lesson for the future you hold. After this, you will have a plan for the future. You recognize what it is you deserve. Who you deserve.

Because if it’s love, you won’t worry if your partner will yell at you for spending time with a friend.

If it’s love, you won’t be scared to come home late.

If it’s love, you won’t have to defend them to your friends.

If it’s love, you won’t have to wrap yourself in a blanket to protect yourself from the injuries they cause you.

Because you deserve love above all else—love to the highest degree.