Here’s How You’re Losing Pieces Of Yourself Each Time You Settle


This is what happens when you settle. You lose pieces of yourself you didn’t even know you were giving away, and you question everything you’ve been doing because you have yourself convinced that it has to be something you’ve done.

You feel less important as days drag on and you convince yourself you’re happy because you want it badly enough that it doesn’t matter the consequences (even if it starts building up and becomes bigger than you can handle).

You find yourself making excuses for people who don’t deserve it. You lay awake at night wondering if this is how things are always going to be, and if this is the happiest you are ever going to be.

When you settle, you compromise your happiness and when things go wrong, you can’t even convince yourself that you’re surprised.

When you settle, you’re telling the other person that it’s acceptable for them to treat you less than you deserve because that is what you are willing to accept.

No one is going to make sure you’re getting what you need, want or deserve; no one is going to stand up and fight for you, so you have to do it for yourself.

Do it because you deserve to be the happiest you have ever been, you deserve to feel secure, you deserve to go to bed at night comfortable without wondering whether or not that person is telling the truth.

You deserve the world and more. Never settle because when you do, you will lose yourself to a person who never deserved to see the purest parts of you and sometimes, you won’t be able to get those pieces back.