This Is What Happens When You Start Living Without A Plan


Natural. Flowing. Organic. Smooth. Peaceful. Relaxed. Easy. Calming.

Writing these words, let alone reading them, just makes you feel at home. If this is the case, as humans, why do we mostly live the polar opposite of these feelings?

We live our day to day conforming to a research based environment, heavily Googling life and Kindling self-help books and Instagramming people who made it (whatever that means) to find every possible way to create what we believe or see as being “our best life.” One week after a new meditation practice you were told to do or three months after eating salad for breakfast, lunch and dinner because you saw an influencer do it, you crack and end up binging social media and switching from salad to brownies. Why does the consistency of incorporating new habits break so often?

Well, here it is. You are following things you think you should try versus things you wholly believe work for you. Is our envisioned “best life” a story we tell ourselves comprised of what we think constitutes a happy life based on comparisons to other people or beliefs? Who knows, but I believe living IN the flow of events, rather than curating a life you envision as bringing you happiness, is the way to go.

When you are connected with your center, you flow and are guided to people, events, and experiences that are deeply connected with you.

Time and time again, when you try to take control towards what you think your life should look like, whether it be your career, relationships, or experiences, you become lost in the mind game of “until I reach that point, I won’t be happy.” And when you end up reaching it, maybe you are happy, but the feeling fades and you feel a sense of emptiness again. You’re back to square one, longing for the feeling of “newness.”

When you try to give every possible situation a reason, explanation, or game plan, you’re creating more and more of a mind game of uneasiness and discomfort instead of just letting it be and flowing with it. Create your own definition of “happy” and it’ll make sense to you, the only person you literally have to live with at all times—yourself.

Live in moments, experiences, and events by mindfully detaching yourself from living because of a certain ideology, rule, or person. Life will feel like a breeze.