This Is What Healing From Trauma Really Means, Because It’s More Then Therapy Sessions And Meditation


If you’ve undergone trauma, you know that it’s an ongoing process. One doesn’t “heal” overnight. Trauma is something you go through, and while you may never really get over it, you do get through it. Healing from trauma happens on its own time.

Healing from trauma is realizing that you aren’t the same person. There is the “old, before trauma” you – and the “new” you. Trauma changes you. The trauma can be devastating. We see therapists, take yoga classes, meditate, and sometimes we get medication. And while these things can all help, only time can really help us to heal.

We move on. We make new friends. We move new places, and start new jobs. And one day the trauma doesn’t define us as maybe we once thought it always would. It’s not something we think of daily anymore. Because you are more than trauma.

It seems as if the only way to really get past it is on your own time. One day you wake up and things don’t hurt as much. You realize that maybe you haven’t thought about trauma yet today. It doesn’t define you. And it never did. Or should. But sometimes when you go through hard times it becomes difficult to see past the pain.

Healing from trauma means living your life authentically. Healing from trauma means never forgetting, or refusing to acknowledge any pain we may have had, but continually pushing forward. Healing from trauma means sharing your experience, if it can help you.

Healing from trauma is not closing yourself off emotionally. Healing from trauma isn’t easy. To truly heal one must embrace who they are. They must take any negativity to help them grow. While one may have experienced something truly horrible, trauma forces us to grow. One cannot remain stagnant or let trauma win.

Healing comes from not only us, but also those around us. We heal when we open ourselves up to new experiences. We heal when we put ourselves out there. And maybe one never can fully heal from trauma, but you can move forward. Healing from trauma is tough. Not many people speak about it. Because it’s hard. We don’t like to talk about pain. We don’t like to talk about things that don’t come easy.

It’s important to acknowledge trauma. It is important to realize the impact it has played on our lives. Healing from trauma isn’t putting a Band-Aid on a wound. Healing from trauma is like a broken arm that never fully goes back to what it was before. Trauma changes us, but it doesn’t have to change the way we feel about ourselves.

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