This Is What I Hope For As The New Year Begins


The worst and scariest enemies most people fight are invisible to the eye.

Sometimes the scariest and toughest enemy you have to go against is yourself.

More than other people’s opinions and views about yourself, you’re occupied with fighting with your self-doubt whilst trying to keep your head above water and your lungs full of air and your heart soft and strong at the same time.

Sometimes the world can appear to be cruel and brutal and sometimes it can be serene and kind. It’s not the world that is changing, but you. Your perception of the world will change by how you change and what you change into.

There will always be a hundred battles that will be raging outside, and there will be a million battles that will be storming inside you.

Some you’ll win, some you’ll lose.

At the end of the day, all we can do is hope that the pros overweigh the cons of life.

I hope your life is filled with pros and even if it’s not like that right now, I hope you have the strength to wait for those days when it will be like that.

You need to just remember that just because something hasn’t happened yet, doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen.

I hope you have the courage to be patient for your own self.

I hope you are greeted with a better hello with every painful goodbye that you didn’t want to say.

I seriously do.

I hope one of these days you’ll wake up and not hate the day before it starts.

I hope
the days when you go to bed wide awake and wake up tired become a memory of your past that you won’t remember.

I hope the future excites you, rather than scaring you.

I hope you have the inner strength
to face the battles inside your head and heart that you don’t let anybody see.

I hope your past stays in your past
and even if it comes knocking, I hope you have the guts to not answer, as it has nothing new to say.

I hope you know that you’re more than the things you didn’t get, you’re more than the risks you took that turned to misfortunes.

I hope you won’t devalue yourself
because you’re prone to making mistakes and are still in the process of learning the same lessons over and over again.

I hope you forgive yourself
for all the apologies you never found the courage to say out-loud.

I wish I could take away and shoulder all your pain and suffering so you could see and feel how easy it can be to start over and how it’s never too late to start being who you want to be, and I wish you could feel that you’re enough for yourself.

I know times are tough, and they’ve always been tough, and your bones are tired of all the hits you took on your chest and back through the years, but trust me when I say:

You don’t need to find silver linings anymore, it’s okay to have rainclouds. Enjoy the misery while it lasts. Find your humaneness now that you’re on your knees and your world is collapsing. Cause it’s going to get better–sooner or later.

Whatever you’re going through, it’s going to be over soon. No matter if it’s happy or sad. It’s all going to end sooner or later. Enjoy it and hold on. You’re going to be a different person when all of this will end. I hope the new winds of change are in your favour. Open your heart, darling, good things are coming your way and you’re worthy of them.