This Is What I’d Say If You Told Me You Missed Me


It’s too late.

For the longest time, I hoped you would come back and say this.

I cried myself to sleep wanting to hear those words, and I never did.

You left me with no real reason and I had to start all over. Never knowing why the person I loved so much could just leave me.

You broke my heart. What do you expect me to say to your, “I miss you”?

You know full well I’ve moved on and that I am happy. So now you want to come back? No.

I waited so long to hear these words but now all they make me feel is anger. Are you so used to getting what you want that you think you can do whatever you want to someone who loved you?

Well let me tell you something, you aren’t that special.

I’ve seen you with other people and while it broke my heart, you didn’t see me trying to ruin it. I’m happy. And your “I miss you” is way too late to mean anything to me.

Just because you are lonely doesn’t mean you can come back to me. I am not the honorable mention girl. I am the first place trophy girl and you lost your chance.

So please, before you come back to me and say you miss me, be ready to never get a response because you don’t deserve one.