This Is What It Feels Like To Be The Shy Girl


You’ll feel embarrassed, because other people don’t have a problem pointing out that you’re shy. They’ll say sarcastic things like, “Wow, stop talking so much, why won’t you shut up?” Some people do it to make fun of you. Some people do it to help you feel included in the conversation, but it always backfires. It makes you even more embarrassed, because you don’t have a witty answer. You just smile and fake a laugh, like they didn’t just hurt your feelings. Like they weren’t accidentally being rude.

You’ll feel annoyed, because some people won’t understand how difficult it is for you to speak to strangers. Your friends will push you to walk up to the hostess and ask for a table. Your parents will push you to make a phone call. And you won’t have any good excuse to get you out of doing it. All you can say is that you don’t want to and that sounds whiny, like you’re just being lazy. And it will make you look (and feel) ridiculous.

You’ll feel isolated, because no one knows who you really are. They’ll make assumptions about you, based on the fact that you rarely talk. So if you ever make a dirty joke or say a curse word, everyone will be shocked. Shocked that you’re more like them than they thought, that you aren’t the innocent little girl they expected you to be.

You’ll feel disappointed, because you didn’t speak up when you wanted to. You’ll watch people from afar, knowing that they would be your best friend if they got to know you, if you actually spoke to them. But you aren’t going to do that. You’re just going to keep imagining what it would be like to be their friend, to tell them the jokes you keep locked inside your head.

You’ll feel pressured, because every word you say carries meaning. You don’t talk much, so when you do, people are going to remember it. They’re going to pay attention, because it’s out of the ordinary. And the thought of that makes it even harder for you to gather up the strength to speak.

You’ll feel unwanted, like no one cares whether you’re there or not. You’ll have a hunch that no one would even realize if you left.

When you’re shy, you always feel invisible. Like no one notices that you exist. You’re always there, listening, but never speaking. You’re always in the room, but outside of the conversation.

Being a shy girl sucks. It makes school, work, and parties a million times harder than it has to be — but there’s a bright side.

You’ll always be okay when you’re alone, because you’re used to sitting in the corner by yourself while the rest of the world socializes. You’re used to choosing a book instead of a party. You’re used to having conversations with yourself, engaging in me time. 

You’re comfortable being alone, you even enjoy it, and that’s something most people wish they could say.