This Is What It Means To Love A Brokenhearted Girl


She’s like snow: beautiful to look at but cold to the touch. She doesn’t mean to be; she’s just terrified of having her heart broken.

She’s had her trust shattered time and time again, even if you promise her you will never leave her, she will only hear empty promises. Her walls are built so high even castles can’t compete with her.

But the truth is: you are different. As much as she’s heard it all before, you are different from all the other frogs she’s loved. You care deeply for her, you’ve had your heart broken before, and you know how she feels. You’re just as scared to love her as she is to love you.

You’re both playing Russian Roulette with your hearts… but you don’t care.

You see her for what she is: a beautiful girl who is tired of being in pain. All you want is to free her from her heartbreaks. You want to be her safe haven and finally give her all that she deserves…but she can’t see it. All she sees is her pain: red, hot, and blurring her senses. You are stereotyped with the other frogs even though you are her prince, that her mind has disguised.

But one day, she will see you for who you really are. Because the frogs never stayed, but you climbed the walls and cut down vines to make it into her heart and scream echoes of “I love you” down empty chambers. You slaid the monster known as her past, to get to the girl who was trapped behind ugly, icy shards. You saved her from herself! You are the prince that every girl dreams and yearns for…

The prince who doesn’t just stay for happily ever after; he creates happily ever after for her.