This Is What It Means When They Say That Love Is Always A Choice


This is what it means when they say that love is always a choice.

They’ll make you believe that love is supposed to be resplendent. That it should always come with grand gestures and flashy things like eye-blinding fireworks display spelling the words “I love you” into the sky. At first – it will be. Eventually, you’ll realize that love is the warmth you’ll find when you’re wrapped around his arms and the way he plants soft kisses on your forehead or just the way he calls you, love. It’s not the grandiose thing that’ll make your heart flutter but it’s always the little things that will take up the most space in your heart. Love isn’t spectacular; it’s simple like a note left on your bedside table or on the fridge. It’s simple, but the fire it will bring is enough to light up your once dark world.

You’ll meet different people in this lifetime, you’ll even build connections with them. But you’ll only find a love worth risking everything for once or twice. And if you know you have it, you fight for it. You don’t just sit there with popcorn on your hands as you watch them risk everything for you, you do the same because you know others are eyeing for the same kind of love. To fall in love is as easy as cliff-diving, you’ll just throw yourself off a cliff bravely because you know you’ll always land on water, cushioning your fall.

But to stay in love is to jump off the cliff, even when you know rogue waves could slam you dead, even when you know the jagged edges could hit and hurt you.

Just like seasons, people will change. Just like wounds, they are made to hurt or break you at some point. But to stay even if you’re not sure with what lies ahead is like gaining your battle scar, you’ll only get it if you bravely fought for it. He will grow. You will grow. He will change and you will, too. And damn, things won’t ever be the same. But that’s what you have to accept, that’s why you should love each other still. Because at some point, you’ll remember, he’s still the person you courageously throw yourself off a cliff for. And love is supposed to be like that, careless and altogether, unconditional.

Because if it’s less than what you could possibly give, can you still call it love?