This Is What It Really Means To Be Ready For A Relationship


I was told today that I should not enter another relationship because I’m not ready yet. After the initial sting had subsided, I asked myself: What does it mean to be ready to enter a relationship?

Someone once told me that we should not think of ourselves as half-circles waiting to find our other half-circles that would complete us by forming full circles. We are all full circles on our own. What we should focus on instead is finding another full circle that would intersect ours so that we could live harmoniously in the intersection.

Too often our relationships are doomed to fail from the start because we unknowingly carry with us emotional baggage from our past. We could be hung up on an old love or living with a personal trauma. Our relationships suffer when we are unable to detach ourselves from the pain that once consumed us.

We keep hearing that a relationship will not be the cure for every problem in our lives. A relationship is not a magic wand that will solve all our worries and troubles with a swish. It is only when we have found courage in hopelessness and strength in adversity that we can handle such a commitment.

How then do we proceed?

We take time to pick up our pieces and build ourselves back from our rubble. We learn to nurture our broken souls and cello-tape our broken hearts back together. We stand tall and face our demons.

We persevere through our healing process and then we find love again and give it another shot.

But what of all the love I have inside me right now longing to be manifested? What of a heart that feels too much and loves too hard? What of the sincerity that is virtually impossible to find in a world where fake is the new real?

You store your love inside the reservoir of your heart and keep it safe for your full circle. You tell your heart to feel what it must and to never lose the ability to love. You remain sincere to those around you and believe that your sincerity will attract another genuine soul.

You walk on with hope in your heart and trust in your journey.

So perhaps I’ll be ready one day to finally embrace the love I’ve always dreamed of finding.

Or perhaps not.

Perhaps I’ll be ready for a much greater love than I ever imagined.