This Is What It’s Like Losing A Parent Unexpectedly


Losing a parent unexpectedly is feeling your world crash down in a matter of seconds. Losing a parent unexpectedly is not being able to breathe. Losing a parent unexpectedly is barely being able to make the phone call telling your family your loved one is gone, and when you do NOBODY gets it or believes it. Because it was so unexpected. Losing a parent unexpectedly is having to explain to your family that you won’t be going to the hospital tonight, that your parent is 100% gone.

Losing a parent unexpectedly is going back to work after a week and barely being able to function.

It is watching the world happen around you and feeling like an outsider. It is wondering how everyone is acting like nothing happened when your world falls apart. Losing a parent unexpectedly is withdrawing from your friends and having months pass by.

Losing a parent unexpectedly changes you in ways you couldn’t imagine.

You become jealous of friends who have their parents.

You may be angry at your parent for leaving you, no matter if it was out of their control or not. You think you’ll never be the same. You think you’re too damaged to ever function normally again, to ever date again. How could you possible explain to a stranger everything you have been through and experienced?

Losing a parent unexpectedly is growing stronger then you ever thought possible.

You will always miss your parent, but you begin to live your life for them. You want to make them proud. You recognize that pain is inevitable and has changed you, but has also given you the tools to grow as a person. You become more compassionate, caring, empathetic, and kinder. While you will forever miss your parent, you begin to move on. It is what you know they would want, and they are forever smiling down. Losing a parent unexpectedly is the hardest thing you will ever go through, but you will, and you will forever be stronger because of it.