This Is What It’s Like To Be A Dreamer In A Harsh World


Your carefree vibe will sometimes be criticized. Your ideologies will be questioned. Your aura and your energy will be misunderstood. You will be perceived as the dreamer, the naive, the illusioned.

You’ll be seen as delusional for believing in the positive aspects of the world. You’ll be taken for granted by those you respect the most. You will be treated like someone who’s immature, someone who hasn’t experienced the reality of life just yet. You will be kicked down and told that your dreams are too bizarre for them.

Being a dreamer is met with many judgements. It is met with many looks of pity and laughter. You’re going to be doubted more than anyone on this planet, and your self-esteem will most likely take many hits because of this.

But keep dreaming. Don’t ever stop.

As humans, we must dream. We must keep those passions alive. It’s one of the closest things we have to magic in this world. Yes, we cannot deny reality. Yes, we must be realistic. But many people try to dampen our visions and goals with discouragement because they don’t dream themselves. Or they may have given up on their dreams many years ago, repeating the cycle to you so they feel better about you not achieving yours.

Aim to see the world in a way that scares them. Believe in yourself to the point where your confidence is unshakable. Being a dreamer in a harsh world can be difficult at times. You were probably doubted growing up whenever you picked up a new hobby or found a new talent. Your ambition was probably spoken about until it faded into oblivion throughout the years when your doubts began to creep in. You were most likely told to leave behind the grandiose expectations and accept the truth; you were told to accept what you had before rejection disappointed you.

Responsibilities change, passions fluctuate, the pressure to be a certain person arises, and this alright. You might not achieve what you want all of the time. But as long as you remember to listen to the inner child within who finds peace in dreaming, you’ll always have a piece of magic within you.