This Is What It’s Like To Not Receive The Love You Give


Every breakup that isn’t the result of cheating or drama has the same common denominator: imbalance. You don’t feel like you’re getting out what you’re putting into the relationship.

No relationship is perfectly even 100 percent of the time, even the best ones. You just take turns rising to the occasion.

But sometimes, you put your whole heart into a relationship and spend forever waiting for the other person to do the same. That’s when it hurts.

The worst part is when you feel like you were both “all in” on the relationship, and then one person stops putting in the same effort — either all at once, or slowly over time. That can be confusing and upsetting because you know what your partner is capable of. If only they would just try!

You have wonderful memories of the times together when you were both loving your best and with no reservations, and you hold out hope that things can return to that state.

It might be possible, it might not be. It depends on your particular relationship. Just know you deserve for your love to be returned in full. If you’re not getting what you deserve in a relationship, it’s OK to feel hurt. It’s OK to ask why. And it’s OK to walk away if it doesn’t change.

No relationship can survive perpetual imbalance. How heartbreaking is it when someone doesn’t love you as much as you love them?

Even if it’s a small difference. If it’s consistent, it will eat away at you — and rightfully so.

If you can’t find your love returned in equal measure by your partner, then you deserve someone who will.

The hard part is being patient and waiting for that person who will love you like you love them, but it’s worth more than wondering if you can manage without them.