This Is What Loving You Feels Like


Loving you is like the cold water in the ocean at night, quietly tossing its waves against the shore. Afraid to wake up another soul for the love that is so loud, every crash echoes through my ears.

It’s like having cold water in summer. Everything feels bright, hot, and overwhelming. It’s like waiting for a whole year to spend a perfect day on the beach, but it won’t be as perfect without a cold water ready to ease my thirst and add fuel to my fading energy. Refreshing all the negative heat away from my body and save me from dehydration.

Loving you is like the leaves in autumn, dancing in the wind, enjoying their fall. I have always been afraid of heights, but when I met you falling seemed a little less scary.

It’s like jumping on top of Eiffel Tower, but it doesn’t matter because I am in the City of Love. Nobody can catch me now because I am falling hard head first diving in a pile of other leaves hoping for a chance at love.

Loving you is like the life in spring, starting to begin again. It was hard trying to fix myself, but you were there giving me all your faith because you knew.

You just knew that I have this strength in me that I can heal whatever it is that has turned cold and frozen. You helped me thaw the ice around my heart and built a fort to keep it warm.

It’s like a book with a new chapter to make up for the tragic event on the past chapter, reminding the readers that there is still hope for a new beginning and a happy ending.

Losing you will be like the snowflakes in winter, so beautiful and lost. I am that snowflake without you. Everything will be so cold, dark, and lonely. Everything I touch will hate me for being so lifeless, sucking every heat left in them and turn them as sad as I am.


It’s like a snowflake lost in the labyrinth of life. Wondering why everybody seems to blame her for freezing in the middle of the night reminding them how lonely they are for not having someone to hug them tight. I will be that beautiful snowflake without you, constantly trying to find its place in this world.

Because my place will always be right where you are.